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Jinx likes to polish Cyborg’s chisel with her tongue!

Teen Titans Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Jinx likes to polish Cyborg’s chisel with her tongue!
Find your way around the dimension of Teen Titans sex where your craziest sex fantasies find their vent. Lustful Teen Titans babe craves for a huge ebony boner shoved deep into her asshole, and then gve it a blowjob till it sprays jizz into her mouth and on her face! Stylish Jinx gives cock a good ol’cowgirl ride, gets fucked ass to mouth and eats a messy share of sperm…

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Teen Titans Porn Story: When Dusk Dawns chapter 3

Teen Titans Porn Story: When Dusk Dawns chapter 3

I stood there gawking at the size of there TV when i heard “well are you gonna sit and eat or just stare at the TV?” came a voice mockingly i turned as the girl known as Terra gestured to a chair beside Robin But across from Raven who just stared at me. There was a loud Ding followed by Beast-boy Running to the door “Pizza’s here i got it” After a little bit of a wait He came back carrying 5 Pizzas placing them on the table he said “we have Pepperoni, vegetarian, Deluxe, Meat lovers, and another peperoni” the Titans Grabbed Pizza Quickly I waited until they had theirs before grabbing A slice of meat lovers i turned to robin “Is there any Tabasco Sauce?” i asked politely Hoping not to offend him he looked at me for a second Before getting up to go and grab it beast-boy Turned To Raven And Asked “whats wrong with you Rae you are quiet” she ignored him still staring at me for a second be fore garbing her slice of pizza and slowly eating it “nothing Beats-boy just thinking” she replied. I ignored her stare as robin came back with the Tabasco sauce i took it thanking him “so Dusk” robin started as i put Tabasco sauce on my slice of pizza “what do you remember from yesterday?” he asked looking at me “i don’t remember much” i lied “i remember watching a girl fall off a roof and running over and grabbing her before she hit the ground “raven blushed at this “.. me dragging her inside then….nothing.. that’s it” i said looking at Raven “so everyone agree any objections say I” robin said out of no where and no one objected as robin came over and gave me the T signal “as a reward for saving our cool but moody friend Raven i now announce you part of the teen titans” Robin said as he handed me it making a big deal of everything as the others whooped and tiered as i took it and put it in my pocket i slowly ate my piece of pizza but when i reached down to grab my fork to pick up some of the french fries the fork shock as electricity ran along it before it shot toward raven who moved to the left as it went flying “sorry” i said as i picked up some fries and slowly ate them Robin clears his throat as he turned to look at me “so who were those people chasing you?” he asked. “i don’t know” i said as i looked down Terra was still staring at the fork as it turned in the air and bent into a note before undoing itself and returning to its normal shape then drooping to the ground with a small clank “that was… interesting” said Terra bending down to pick up the fork Raven was still staring at me as Terra cut herself on the fork which bled a little everyone turned to me as i quickly got up and left the room “Dusk!” Beast-Boy called out he turned sharply to Terra who replied “don’t look at me” before chasing me out of the room i ran down the hall towards my room i stooped at my door breathing hard feeling my entire body ache as i slowly drooped to the floor shaking “dusk” beast boy called as he approached me “what was that all about?” he asked. “I have an extreme phobia of blood to the point the smell almost makes me gag” i reply “beast boy grab Dusk and get back here” robin called over the communicator i slowly got up and took off back to the living room Beast-boy fallowed me The TV suddenly had static on it as Another titan appeared on screen “Robin come in robin This is Argent” a pone hearing this i stooped dead feeling suddenly heavy “yeah Argent” robin asked “i am being gunned down by two helicopters with What looks like the symbol for chaos on it i could use some assistance” she said as there was a loud explosion on screen “hang on Argent we will be there as fast as we can” robin Screamed “hurry” came the reply as a norther explosion happen filling the screen with wight before it went to static “Argent Come in argent Argent!” Robin stood up Quickly titans go He said as everyone rushed for the door he turned to see me standing in the door way “come on Dusk” he said as he sprinted out of the room i looked at him before quickly following. We ran off to the T-ship Raven Got out of her seat giving it to me saying that she would just fly so we took of to New Zealand where Argent happened to be at the moment “So Dusk Control of electricity huh” Said Terra who sounded happy that she was not the only one that can control one of the elements “uh yeah” i said not to happy “we are approaching Argent’s last location” robin said over the communicators I turned my head to the left in time to see an explosion ‘Robin” i said “over there to the left” he turned the T-ship to face the helicopters which kept firing missiles at a goth girl who was flying away from them before they exploded shooting red pulses of power out of her fists trying to hit the ships one shot collided with its target only to be turned on its master and shot back I could not watch this any more so i fired a bolt of lightning to intercept the rebound bolt as i jumped out of the T-ship Landing with a ground shuttering thud the two bolts collided creating a small explosion of red and yellow knocking the helicopter back Argent Flew up beside me “Dusk” she said with a small nod “Argent” i replied turning to the ships “They after you too” i asked To which i got a nod as Raven and the rest of the titans Landed close by The first ship turned to face me And fired a missile at me I watched it as it got closer i waited until it almost hit us when i fired an electric bolt at its side grassing it knocking it off course as it exploded some where in the trees “titans Go” screamed Robin as the helicopter turned around to face its side at us Letting someone jump from the side He flapped his wings once before dive bombing us he landed with enough force to cause a small sand storm he stood up from his one nee his face was sunken back to reveal his scull as he stood there with a scythe in his hands “Abatu” i spat out as if the word were poison He pulled his head back and let out a laugh that made even raven shiver before charging at me i ran at him as he jumped into the air slashing it with his scythe Ripping reality i avoided the rip as i spun around Kicking up as i did. I hit him in the leg with my foot before getting sent flying Suddenly darkness seemed to surround him Raven then tried to launch the creature into orbit but it ripped threw her orb with Its scythe he laughed again “Dusk even you can’t stop whats happening” he said with another laugh. “i may not be able to but i can sure as hell try” i replied charging at him knocking his scythe out of his hands he turned to garbed at me missed and hit a tree instead which instantly started to rot and decay crumbling to dust in front of our eyes Terra’s eyes glowed yellow as she ripped the earth up from under neath him and launched him into the helicopters destroying one he flapped his wings hovering in front of the moon before charging at us again. I pulled my sword from its sheath on my back pack stopping his scythe dead as i flipped putting both feet on his chest and lunched my self off the second copter turned around to face us before opining fire the ground was ripped open with bullets as Abatu teleported on to it. Raven spun around as she was hit by some of the Bullets as they ripped the ground up “Raven!” I screamed. The very ground ripping open as blood red tentacle ripped out of it grabbing the ship and whipping it into a mountain
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See how naked sexy girl Jinx getting fucked by some horny tentacles!

Free Teen Titans Sex Comics

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Starfire in a revealing skin-tight outfit , showing off her teen breasts.

Starfire Hentai Parody Tentacles

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Raven likes to get fucked by the enemy and scream in pleasure!

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